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Educating HoS run

Silverfauve, Sep 12, 10 6:02 AM.

The small try-out we did at Hall of Survivors yesterday was a lot of fun, and very educating for all of us. We didn’t make it passed the first boss, but we got him down to 38% and did figure out how to handle him. More importantly, some of our newer members learned why we as a guild feel gearing up and getting your stats through the roof is so important. So we are pretty sure we will be throwing a lot of reached 20K Hitpoints medals at our latest members very soon….In the mean time: great job, guys! It was a very difficult instance for a first run, and you all did very well. Let’s give it another shot today at 1.00 PM EDT in our weekly Sunday Run.

Introduction on Thunderhoof events

Silverfauve, Sep 10, 10 6:37 AM.
I wrote an introduction on running the Thunderhoof events, mementos and what to do with them. It can be found in the forum in the section 'raids' as a sticky posting.

Level 60 armor crafter available

Silverfauve, Sep 10, 10 3:55 AM.

Ladymichelle who we met at the Thunderhoof events, is a level 6o armor crafter and has offered to make armor for anyone in our guild. You will have to provide her with the materials and pay a reasonable fee as well. If you contact her, mention the names of Clownie & me, and that you are from Afterdark as well.

Little Devil Wings can be plussed now

Silverfauve, Sep 10, 10 3:19 AM.

The little Devil Wings that were taking out of the shop and couldn’t be plussed with jewels to gain the extra bonus stats, are ‘fixed’ in the lastest patch. Which means you can use the back slot jewels on them now and get the same bonus stats as on the other wings. Too bad for all of us who replaced the wings with expensive other wings, and/or used unbinders and cleaning stones on their Little Devil Wings to try to make some of their investment back in AH.

Good and bad bugs

Silverfauve, Sep 9, 10 7:24 AM.

After server reset, something got bugged. Isn’t that a big surprise? We still have double XP & TP, and also the daily quests are resetting several times per day. Then on to the bad news: all Thunderhoof events were up for a bit, but we are down to Sewers 1 & 3 already. The portal bug which makes us crash, hasn’t been fixed and neither has gold & C.O.D. sending per e-mail.

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